with Prof. Dieter Holm, world renowned specialist on passive and sustainable design.
Bruce Gillbreth Architects London (P Mathews) -The centre at Capability Green near Luton Airport/Luton UK - Design of housing project at Waterfront for US clients Triad Architects and planners, London (P Mathews) - Queensway Quay/Gibraltar: residential project for the Government of Gibraltar - Part of design team for an office building at 61 Frimley High Street, London.
Van Rouendal and Bosman Architects, Lichtenburg (P Mathews in training). Various projects for the Department of Education and Training in the North West Province.
Van Eeden & FourieĀ  (A Smit) - Various residential, commercial and government projects. Mathews & Gerber - Gerber Architects (L Purnell) -Various residential projects. Internship at Mathews & Gerber architects.