FAQ for Prospective Builders

4. Can we visit some of the houses your firm has designed?
As you can understand this would be an invasion of privacy for our clients, therefore we have a DVD of all the TV programs which feature our houses and interviews (available at our office for prospective clients.)

5. Can you see us on weekends?
We have a philosophy that weekends are for family and weekdays for clients.

6. It is the first time we're building, what can we expect?
Most of our clients are first time home builders, so we know and understand your fears and excitement. We will explain all the phases of the design and documentation process to you and show you examples of previous projects, so that you know what to expect and when.

7. Do you work outside Gauteng?
Yes, If there is an airport in the vicinity we work there. We have completed successful projects in Witrivier, Nelspruit, Maputo, Hermanus, George, Clarence, Rustenburg, Franskraal, and Louis Trichardt (Makado). We even have a client in Manilla, (the Phillipines) building a house in the Western Cape. With the internet anything is possible these days, and with our computer