FAQ for Prospective Builders

software we provide 3D images of the project ensuring that we all understand each other, and know exactly what the finished product will look like.

8. Are you registered (Chartered Architects)?
Yes we are registered at both the South African Council of Architects and the South African and Pretoria Institutes of Architecture.

9. Do you charge percentage or square metre rate?
For housing projects we have translated the cost structure into a square metre rate. We have simplified our fee structure so that you know exactly what to expect, from the start. Using this method means that the finishes and fittings you choose to use have no influence on our fees. Please contact our office for the current fee structure.

10. Do you have capacity?
This question can only be answered by calling Pieter Mathews personally. Due to our practice of charging a non refundable deposit we have been able to ensure that all our clients are serious. As a result our office production rate has been greatly increased.