FAQ for Prospective Builders

11. Is the deposit over and above the said fees?
No, the deposit is carried forward to the last account and then reconciled on our final account.

12. Do you give discount?
Because of the quality of our work, our reputation for quality, and the time and effort we put into each project, we do not discount our fees. However our service is divided up into many stages and clients can choose the service they require.

13. What happens when I cancel the project (if my circumstances change for example)?
You will only be liable for the account at the stage we were busy with, when you terminate the contract. We would use the last iteration as basis for the area fee calculation.

14. How long does it take for the whole design and documentation process?
Our average process from appointment to completion of technical documentation takes about 3½ months(excluding the builders break). Obviously this time frame depends on the prompt feedback from the client and that all legalities have been finalised, such as transfers, rezoning etc. Most councils differ in their service delivery and this time frame ranges from 2 weeks to two