FAQ for Prospective Builders

months. While the drawings are going through council it is a good time to get quotes from various builders and decide on your construction team.

15. How long does the actual building process take?

Our Average house takes about 8 months, but some have taken as much as 15 months to complete (Excluding the statuary builders break). To quote one of the modern masters "If you want a building it can be quick but if you want architecture you need to be patient".

16. We have approached a few architects, would you be interested in doing a concept so that we can select an architect?
Unfortunately, we decline all risk work and un-professional competitions as we like to rather spend that time on our confirmed clients. We have an extensive portfolio of our work and you are welcome to come in for a consultation to help you with your choice.

17. If we appoint you, would you Pieter Mathews still be involved in my house or would you pass it on to somebody else in the office?
I am involved in the concept stages of design, zoning, planning, layouts and broad conceptual