FAQ for Prospective Builders

ideas, working closely with the client. We are usually four people working on a project, giving you access to the best skilled people for each stage. After the first stages my talented associates Architect /Senior Technologists (Liam Purnell, Anton Smit) take over with myself in capacity as editor and overseer. Together we have meetings where we refine and discuss design and detail ideas that we feel will best suit your home. The next stage is taken over by a technical who completes the construction drawings.

18. If we only take professional service without the final Contract Administration stage would you still be involved in the building process?
Only about 5% of our clients require the contract administration service. Usually we are not legally involved in the contract administration, but are available to help with design issues at an hourly rate. We are precious about our designs and most clients call us out for an average of five site visits.

19. Can we take part in the design process?
Yes, that is why we do our first stages freehand and more informal so that you can feel free to make changes at the early conceptual stages of the design process. I always say "Paper is cheap, variation orders on site are expensive"