FAQ for Prospective Builders

20. Do you get involved in the interior design?
Our firm does not get involved in interior decorating regarding housing/ residential (only corporate), we have however a working relationship with MG Design Box, of which Pieter Mathews is a co-owner, to deliver a one stop service if and when needed.

21. Do you have or recommend Landscape architects?

We do not but we would like to O.K and give input in the Landscaping design as any project should form a gestalt. We would then sit down with the Designer of your choice with our comments.

22. We do not like our house to be published or featured on TV?
We do respect our client's wishes for privacy. With some publications, if the clients prefer we give no personal details.

23. Do you have your own builders?
We do not, we do however keep a list of reputable contractors which we will provide for our paid up clients.