FAQ for Prospective Builders

24. Do you do project management?
No, Project managers are on site and they are physically involved with the construction process. A lot of people confuse project managers with contract administration.

25. What is the difference between a contractor and a project manager?
A project manager is somebody competent and diligent who you, as owner builder, employ to organise the building process and sub-contractors for you. Your legal position is as owner builder. The project manager is not bound to a tendered final project cost. He is paid a percentage or a monthly salary.
A contractor on the other hand gives a tender and is legally bound to the JBCC contract which protects both parties, the final cost, however, is usually more than in the case of a project manager. In the end both have their advantages and disadvantages and usually it comes down to gut feel and who you feel you can work best with and the risk exposure you choose.

26. We want to finance our architectural design and include your fees in our bond.
Banks do not finance professional services as they don't see this service as a tradable asset.