FAQ for Prospective Builders

27. What is the NHRBC and do I need it?
For a new house your builder needs to register the project at the NHBRC and remember to budget for this fee as it is calculated on the project value and the cost of the land. The NHBRC is compulsory and the fund is used to pay out claims against poor quality building and defects. Banks and Bondholders won't release funds unless a project is registered.

28. What other professionals are involved in the process that I have to budget for?
Landsurveyors, Structural Engineers, Landscape Architects and Quantity Surveyors if needed.

29. What software do you use We have subscribed to Revit, from Autodesk.
We get all the latest updates and full technical support of what is widely regarded as the world's leading architectural software package. With this software we design your project completely in 3D, ensuring that you understand exactly what your finished home will look like.

30. When Can we make an appointment?
Phone us on 086 1116222 (086111maaa) to make an appointment.